The Sandhill Cranes

The Hiwassee Wildlife Refuge hosts one of the largest populations of Sandhill Cranes in the world. In the autumn they congregate in flocks and migrate through Tennessee to their primary wintering grounds in south Georgia and Florida.   Over 10,000 cranes have been known to spend part of their winter in the Hiwassee Wildlife Refuge in Meigs County.

Hiwassee Wildlife Refuge

The Park and Hiwassee Island are located in the Hiwassee Wildlife Refuge on land leased from the Tennessee Valley Authority(TVA) by the Hiwassee Refuge MapTennessee Wildlife Resources Agency(TWRA). TWRA has provided a Wildlife Viewing Shelter in the Park on the knoll overlooking Hiwassee Island. They have successfully established a resident population of American Bald Eagles in the area. TWRA plaints grain crops on the island and nearby shore to support migrating waterfowl. In the late fall or early winter they sponsor Crane Days so the public can observe thousands of migrating Sandhill Hill Cranes and a few endangered Whooping Cranes. Over a hundred species of birds and other wildlife can be seen in the area.

Meigs County Wildlife Photo