Water Sports

There’s nothing like a day on the water to make you feel connected to nature. Nestled alongside the Tennessee River, Meigs County possesses a wealth of natural beauty and appeal. Pristine creeks converge across rolling farmland. Meigs County blends the security and comfort of rural living with the nearby convenience of urban centers such as Knoxville and Chattanooga.

boatingFast water or slow, Meigs County offers some exciting, as well as relaxing water sports. Whether your interest is canoeing, rafting, tubing, wakeboarding, sailing, speed boats, house and pontoon boats, jet skis or just plain swimming, Meigs County is the place for some great summer water fun.

rafting2The western boundary of Meigs County is the Tennessee River. Watts Bar Dam is located along the river between Meigs and adjacent Rhea County, and forms Watts Bar Lake, which spans the river upstream to Fort Loudon Dam just west of Knoxville. Watts Bar Dam’s tailwaters are part of Chickamauga Lake, which stretches downstream to Chickamauga Dam in Chattanooga. The mouth of the Hiwassee River is located in southwestern Meigs County, near the point where Meigs, Rhea, and Hamilton counties meet. The personality of each river or water source in the area is unique.

skiWith a season that spans from May through September, and a seemingly endless supply of glass-like water, the water in Meigs County is the place to go.