Titan Implement, LLC

Titan Implement, LLC, the newest industry to Meigs County and the only Industry not located inside the Industrial Park, provides a full range of rotary cutters, rotary tillers, box blade scrapers, grader blades, landscape rakes, disc harrows, and skid steer attachments.

Titan ImplementsTitan’s headquarters and manufacturing facility is located in Decatur, Tennessee and was formed in 2014 by father and son team, Mike and Baily Turner. This father and son team are building a company that is leading the development and production of innovative agricultural and rural-lifestyle equipment. Mike and Baily Turner know farming, because their farm dates back to 1898. We come from five generations of farmers and that’s why our products work so well in the rural markets; “we use what we make”. Being long-time farmers, the Turner’s also have 35 years in the manufacturing industry; this combination of farming and manufacturing make a team you just can’t beat. Titan Implement’s products are also well-suited for non-agricultural uses, including landscaping, light construction, and municipal markets.

Titan Implement, LLC
P.O. Box 649Titan Implements
232 Industrial Lane
Phone: (423) 334-0012
Fax: (423) 334-0023
Email: titan@titanimplements.com
Website: titanimplement.com