About Meigs County

Meigs County is made up of the following:

1 TownMeigs County Map

Decatur – County Seat

4 Unincorporated communities

Big Spring



Ten Mile


Meigs County

Meigs County, Tennessee

Meigs County, Tennessee

The county seat, Decatur, situated precisely in the center of the approximately 30 mile long and 10 mile wide rectangular county, was named in honor of Commodore Stephen Decatur, who had distinguished himself in the War of 1812. One of the smallest counties in the state in terms of size (208 square miles in area), Meigs County would begin its history in one of the loveliest settings in all of the United States.

Quality of Life

Meigs County - Outdoor Life

Meigs County – Outdoor Life

No matter where you live, you can see broad, fertile fields and hills that are ever-changing with the passing of the seasons. No matter where you live, you can find fine schools to educate your children and a good sports program all year round to provide physical fitness and community fellowship. No matter where you live, you can find a friendly neighbor, a helpful hand, a firm patriotism, a strong morality. It is said that people find what they look for, and many have looked for and found satisfaction in Meigs County, Tennessee.

Whether you enjoy cruising, sailing, skiing, swimming, fishing, history, or photography, you will find it all in Meigs, the Shorline County.

Meigs County – A Shoreline Community

Meigs County - Shorline Community

Meigs County – A Shorline Community

The entire west side of Meigs County is bordered by the Tennessee River. No matter where you live in Meigs County, you are never far from the river, from a meandering creek, or from a soothing pond. It contains several of the South’s most beautiful bodies of water making it a vacation haven.

Many of the people who originally settled Meigs County did so because they thought this was the most beautiful area they had ever seen … and to this day, people are still settling here for the same reason.