From the Mayor

Welcome to Meigs County

Thank you for visiting our Meigs County website. It is an honor to serve Meigs County and to personally welcome you to our website and to Meigs County. We are known as the “Shoreline Community” as we are located on the western boundary of the Tennessee River. Watts Bar Dam is located along the river between Meigs County and Rhea County and forms Watts Bar Lake. The Hiwassee River flows into the Tennessee River a few miles west of State Highway 58 in Meigs County, Tennessee.

Meigs County has much to offer even though it is small county. We have pad-ready sites for any industry that is looking for a good location. We have a quiet living environment, hard-working citizens, a great school system, and of course, numerous activities, such as boating, fishing, hunting, hiking, etc., for anyone who is interested in visiting or moving to Meigs County.

It is hard to beat the breath-taking views of the mountains and water here in Meigs County, the slower pace of life, and some of the friendliest people you will ever meet.