Meigs County

The Shoreline Community

Meigs County Mayor’s Office

Mayor Bill James
17214 State Hwy. 58 N
Decatur, TN 37322
Phone: (423) 334-5850



There are countless types of recreation in Meigs County. Water sports and fishing are abundant with the Tennessee River, Watts Bar Lake and the Hiwassee River touching our boundaries. Hiking, camping, hunting or just relaxing by the water are other perfect ways to spend your day.   No matter what type of recreation you like, you can find it here in Meigs County.


The Meigs County public schools represent the future of the children in Meigs County. These schools represent the welfare of our citizens, county and country. Therefore, in the Meigs County School System, we are committed to an equal and quality education for all children.  Also, as with a lot of small communities, sports are big here. Our citizens love their sports – from kindergarten through high school.


The Meigs County Industrial Park is a +- 72 acre, county owned area located between Chattanooga (35 miles) and Knoxville (60 miles) and only 12 miles to Interstate 75. It is accessible by four-lane State Highway 30 and State Hwy 58. The international airports located in Atlanta, GA and Nashville, TN are both approximately a 2-hour drive from the Park. Not all industries are located inside the industrial park.

Welcome to Meigs County

From the Mayor

Thank you for visiting our Meigs County website. It is an honor to serve Meigs County and to personally welcome you to our website and to Meigs County. We are known as the “Shoreline Community” as we are located on the western boundary of the Tennessee River. Watts Bar Dam is located along the river between Meigs County and Rhea County and forms Watts Bar Lake. The Hiwassee River flows into the Tennessee River a few miles west of State Highway 58 in Meigs County, Tennessee.

Meigs County has much to offer even though it is small county. We have pad-ready sites for any industry that is looking for a good location. We have a quiet living environment, hard-working citizens, a great school system, and of course, numerous activities, such as boating, fishing, hunting, hiking, etc., for anyone who is interested in visiting or moving to Meigs County.

It is hard to beat the breath-taking views of the mountains and water here in Meigs County, the slower pace of life, and some of the friendliest people you will ever meet.

Meigs County Mayor Bill James


Foshee Pass Campground

For more info,  contact Royce or Gail Sampley via email sampley@ or call 865 361 1233.

Also please see our Fooshee Pass facebook page.

Meigs County Public Library Website

Click the link to find out more about what is happening at our library!

Meigs County Public Library Website.



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Why Meigs

Meigs County is a great place to live, play and do business!